the WMFC team

Steef C. Buijs MSc

Specialist in urban and regional planning


Arjen E. Simons MSc

Specialist in International agro-logistics and fresh networks

Madeleine J.M. van Mansfeld MSc
Specialist in ecology & process facilitation


dr. Peter Smeets


Specialist in Agropark planning, ecology, and process facilitation

Yorick A.T.F.H. de Bruin MSc

Managing Director and Innovator

Specialist in sustainable animal production systems

Xi Zhu MSc

Project Officer Asia
Specialist in urban & rural planning and agropark planning


Carmen Jeurissen BSc

Project Officer Europe

Specialist in animal breeding and genetics

Sietske Boer

Freelance Graphic Designer

Specialist in visual communication

Celeste Balmelli

Account succes manager

Specialist in transboundary cooperation and networking

Darren Ho

International Developer


Harmke Schellekens


Agro Logistics

Frezer Ygzaw


Landscape Architect 

Resumes WMFC Team
Resumes of Wageningen Metropolitan Food
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