Expedition agroparks Research by design into sustainable development and agriculture in the network society
This book is the result of several years of expedition into uncharted territory by the author Peter Smeets. His fascination for the Dutch agricultural landscapes led him to the conclusion that improving the efficiency of agriculture is the most effective way to safeguard the quality of such landscapes. The wasteful modes of production developed in the past 150 years have led to a serious decline in both the surface area and the quality of the high valued landscapes. Closing the loops within the agricultural production system and increasing their productivity is therefore the best remedy to arrest this decline.
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Rural Development, Providing Food Security for Metropolitan Areas
LANKUAIKEI Agriculture Development Seminar
“Data oriented modern agriculture and application” in Shanghai
Presentation by:
Peter Smeets, Wageningen University & Research Center
Xi Zhu, Wageningen MFC
October 15, 2018
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