Agri business training and tours

Learn from The Netherlands where the most efficient and sustainable agricultural activities happen


Our experts and partners have worldwide experience in implementing the latest knowledge from research to different innovative agri-food technologies and production management. We arrange and guide you during a visit to the top Dutch agri-business and agri-technology companies. The tour could grant you inspiration towards new ideas and acquiring knowledge that can be applied in your business. 

training tours

A training tour is a fantastic opportunity to not only learn and update your knowledge, but also to network and link with Dutch knowledge institutes, technology suppliers, and agri-business.

  • Visit knowledge institutes part of the top worldwide universities and research institutes in the food field to understand where the latest knowledge is created.
  • Visit different successful agribusiness cases in food production: vegetable production, animal production, food processing, and distribution.
  • And of course, visit the most relevant agroparks in the Netherlands.

Tailored training program

A tailored training program could meet the specific needs on practical knowledge on site. This is also possible with any of our experts or within our wide network of innovative knowledge and technology suppliers.


Navigate through the topics below and don't hesitate to contact us to request more information!



Resource use efficiency, smart logistics, integrated stakeholders approach, and cross chain integration


Innovative greenhouses technologies, renewable energies, management and training on crop production


Innovative technologies on breeders, broilers, layers, and production management and training


Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), aquaculture production technologies, aquaculture management, and market research

livestock and dairy farming

Feed production, feed production technologies and mills, innovative dairy stables, and dairy processing 

agricultural farming

Irrigation systems, crop management, soil and water management