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In and around the world’s metropoles we see the development of food production, processing and logistics increasingly being organized in complex networks. We call these networks Metropolitan Food Clusters and in our company Wageningen Metropolitan Food Clusters we help enterpreneurs, governments and citizens to design and develop them.


Wageningen MFC is a spin off from Wageningen University & Research that integrates the knowledge of former and current senior experts from this university and young professionals.


Our mission is to provide good food for everyone in an urbanizing world. Our focus is on innovation of agrifood production by co-designing Metropolitan Food Clusters (MFC). This system innovation in agriculture intends to meet the challenges of food production and processing in urbanizing societies taking into account constraints such as climate change, scarce resources, as well as bio-security regarding human, animals and plants. The MFC-concept was inspired on the in-depth research by Wageningen University & Research on agrifood activities in the North-West European metropole. Since then, it has been applied in MFC designs in countries and regions around the world such as Europe, China, India, Middle East, Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Russia.


In its co-design projects, Wageningen MFC is cooperating within a network of knowledge institutes, technology providers, investors and entrepreneurs in agriculture and food as well as related governmental and non-governmental organizations. In our projects we have been offering a wide variety of tailor-made services on:

  • Design of agroparks and metropolitan food clusters.
  • Developing agricultural business and international markets.
  • Modernizing food production from all economic, social and environmental perspectives of sustainable development.
  • Transforming rural areas.
  • Governmental strategies for modernisation in agri & food on local, regional, national and transnational level.
  • Providing agricultural training & education programmes and helping to develop and execute research & innovation projects.


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