Wageningen MFC is a spin-off of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) that integrates the knowledge and life-long experience of former and current senior experts from this university and linked relevant expertise’s with the fresh ideas and up-to-date education of young professionals and students.


In 2017 we have established the spin-off Wageningen MFC as a part of the wider Wageningen knowledge network. In our organizational structure we have been inspired by the actual development of the third-generation university that is also taking place within this network and to which we want to contribute.


“…The ideal of the university as a “Bildungsinstitut” (educational institute) is under pressure due to large student numbers, economic utility and return thinking, dependence on the business community for research funding and political agenda-setting. In its place, the concept of the so-called third-generation university is increasingly being placed, in which the university is largely intertwined with business life and other social organizations….”[1]


The main focus of Wageningen University & Research is on knowledge development and education. In its knowledge domains it has achieved top positions in global rankings of research in agriculture and environmental sciences.

The focus of Wageningen MFC is Co-design of Metropolitan Food Clusters (MFC). This is by definition trans-disciplinary co-operation between science, entrepreneurs, government and NGO’s, aiming at the integration of scientific inventions and tacit knowledge into system-innovations.


[1]Translation of (in Dutch)

Wageningen MFC consists of three entities


The Wageningen MFC Association is a platform, where members share and contribute to our vision on sustainable development of food systems and food production, discuss new knowledge, challenges, ideas and transition processes. Only members of the Wageningen MFC Association can submit research proposals to the Wageningen MFC Foundation. Wageningen MFC organizes Association Days for members to meet and discuss with each other. 



Wageningen MFC Foundation manages a revolving fund in which Wageningen MFC business, invests a large part of its project revenues. The fund is re-investing all these means, in long-term research as well as in education and training projects by Wageningen University & Research and other knowledge institutes to support and further develop the mission of Wageningen MFC. The Wageningen MFC Foundation will facilitate the organisation and work of an independent research board, that oversees, regulates and reviews projects of the foundation.



Wageningen MFC Business is the commercial branch of Wageningen MFC that executes co-design projects from assigners worldwide. It establishes focus on co-design and applies Wageningen MFC Association members’ knowledge, technologies or experiences into Metropolitan Food Clusters projects.