We do co-design

 Co-design of Metropolitan Food Clusters is by definition trans-disciplinary co-operation among key actors, towards new and viable solutions. It is working together in an open iterative and learning mode with Knowledge institutes, Entrepreneurs, Non-governmental and Governmental and institutes and Intermediaries (KENGi parties), multilevel. It combines scientific inventions, explicit and tacit knowledge and know-how into system-innovations. 

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Working process

Wageningen MFC is the process facilitator for the co-design and implementation of a metropolitan food cluster or agropark. We identify following four different phases that are being used to streamline the process. 

  • Feasibility Study 
  • Conceptual Master Planning 
  • Executive Master Planning 
  • Assistance During Implementation and Operation


To be able to manage risks during this trajectory, we work in an iterative way in which the demands of the assigner are being answered by using the cooperation between the assigner and us. Moreover, blueprints and implementations will get more elaborate and detailed as the process continues. This way of working is called co-design. We work in co-design together with the assigner and other stakeholders that are relevant during the whole trajectory of design, implementation and operation. 

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