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An Overview of Dairy Production and Consumption in the Northwest European Delta Metropolis
Publications & download · 24. August 2021
The research aims to look into the dairy overview from the level of Northwest European Delta Metropolis. So that, we have another perspective to see the Nitrogen challenges in the Netherlands and to explore solutions.

Agroforestry in a semi-arid climate
Publications & download · 06. July 2021
Overall, the research shows that an Agroforestry-included agri-food system also in high productive agri-practices has better performance.

Food to Feed in Singapore
Publications & download · 14. March 2019
Looking into the feasibility of turning by-products from human food manufacturing into animal feed in Singapore.

Feeding breath
Publications & download · 08. March 2018
Circular Design: Integrating Algae as Cow Feed – a Feasibility study

MFC refreshing
Publications & download · 19. October 2017
This research aims to find new and optimized combinations of chains to be applied in new or existing Metropolitan Food Clusters (MFCs).

Expedition agroparks Research by design into sustainable development and agriculture in the network society
Publications & download · 01. January 2011
Closing the loops within the agricultural production system and increasing their productivity is therefore the best remedy to arrest this decline.